Water Science Engineering, (WSE) is an Engineering consulting company that specializes inWater Engineering Practice. Our approach is to apply science advancement to engineering solutions, promote sustainability of resources, saving water and energy for future generations.

WSE provides comprehensive engineering consulting services for Water Resources, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Strom Water, and Water Quality sectors.Our primary focus is planning and design engineering services. We use advanced numerical modeling applications with Geographic information systems to optimize water and energy saving for our clients. We integrate impact of climate change on resources to our solutions, maximizing the value of our service to the clients. We serve clients in private sector, Federal, State and Local governments, and international entities, and lending institutions.

WSE provides renewable energy solutions where feasible as stand-alone energy service or comprehensive water and energy solution for water infrastructure works. We have the skills and experience for mini hydro systems, wind and solar power systems, and energy conservation technologies.

WES team consist experts in sectors of Water, Energy, Climate change and Sustainability, whose experience extends to projects in the United States, Latin America and South Asia. We have a pool of experts in the areas of electrical, mechanical, structural Engineering, architectural, environmental science, project financing, institutional development, and human capacity development which enable us to provide full service of engineering and science solutions.

Founded in 2009 with parent business entity, Green Power Systems, LLC (GPS); reorganized as a Water Science and Engineering to expand services to water and energy sectors. WSE is a minority owned small business based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Our comprehensive approach to sustainability consulting enables us to assess, plan, and implement tailor-made strategies and solutions for our clients. We bring technical and management expertise needed that enable our clients make effective and efficient decisions while creating value to operations, management, products, and their client services.

To Provide Water and Energy Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Future.

Support Greener Planet

List of Recent Projects

  • Indonesia and Vietnam - Definitional Mission for Water and Wastewater for USTDA
  • Colombia and Brazil - USTDA Definitional Mission in the Water and Wastewater Sector
  • Sri Lanka – Community Water Supply and Sanitation


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